The Story of Korpikuusikko

Passion for beekeeping, passion for renewable packaging materials. This is how our authenic story was born. Created by the beekeeper Teemu Aittamaa, Korpikuusikko Honey offers a portfolio of products where the look and the values of the package take the focus.

In 2020, The organization of Korpikuusikko is composed of 60 queens and 3 000 000 worker bees. The name of Korpikuusikko Honey is based on the Korpikuusikko apiary in Jokioinen, Finland.

The mission of Korpikuusikko is to offer ecological high-end gifts that enhance the well-being of our environment. Delivering this message is of essence – the receiver of 500g package receives a product that required 50 000 air miles to be manufactured, yes – twice around the globe.

We emphaize the use of sustainable and renewable materials in our products. Glass, paperboard and wood are our natural raw-materials choices.

Our honey is of award-winning quality and our package has been elected as the winner of Best European food / drink package in 2020.


Product of Finnish nature